• For Immediate Release: Media Contact: Michael Singer 919-439-4731 msinger@919marketing.com ----Growth Continues for Concrete Craft With the Launch of its 100th Franchise Territory Booming Home Improvement Market and Thriving Team Culture Paves the Way, Creates Profitable Opportunity for Entrepreneurs IRVINE, Calif. – (July 12, 2021) – Concrete Craft, the largest decorative concrete franchise in the United States, is proud

    As the U.S. and our economy continues to rebound from COVID-19 and we progress to a more normal lifestyle, many of those who possess an entrepreneurial spirit are exploring the myriad of benefits that come with owning your own home-based franchise. Whether you are wanting to control your own earning potential, establish a legacy family business, provide yourself with flexible work hours, or all of the above, owning your o

    If you are interested in running your own business, being your own boss, and having greater control over your income potential, you’re not alone. As the momentum for franchise growth and prosperity continues to rebound in the wake of the recent COVID pandemic, more and more individuals who possess an entrepreneurial mindset are exploring the benefits of owning their own home-based franchise. And while there are indeed sev

    As we turn the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy continues to rebound, more and more homeowners are investing in home remodeling, since as a society, we are working from home more then ever before. In fact, according to recent research conducted by Houzz, sprucing up the home has become a favorite investment during the pandemic. According to the study, home renovation spending has increased by 15% over the l

    The growth of franchising offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to embark on a new direction in their career. Greater independence, flexibility, more control over your income potential and creating a family legacy business are just a few reasons why franchising is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.5%, according to the International Franchise Association, a leading independent franchise research organization.

    Are you looking to create a pathway to a career and lifestyle you’ve dreamed about by owning your own home-based business? Then it only makes sense to explore the key decision points about buying a franchise. And while there are a multitude of advantages to owning a franchise, such as setting your own schedule and capitalizing on an established brand, important considerations and questions should be addressed up front so

    If you are like many people who have a “can do” and entrepreneurial mindset, chances are you have given thought to how nice it would be to pivot to a new career that allows greater control over your career and income potential. And because the franchise industry is forecasted to grow at a rate of 3.5% over the next 2-3 years, the next question you might be asking yourself is, “which franchise sector should I explore?”. On

    If you’ve been thinking of embarking on a journey known as franchising, then you’re not alone. Owning your own home-based franchise business has become increasingly popular. And for good reason. First, you have the opportunity to adjust your workload to achieve that all important, but often elusive “work-life” balance. Secondly, when you own your own franchise business, you gain greater control over the amount of money yo

    Within the decorative concrete industry, Home Franchise Concepts, parent company of Concrete Craft, has demonstrated a dominant role with over 60 territories open in the U.S. and Canada. In spite of many business closures and strict social distancing requirements, Concrete Craft has managed to have a strong 2020 to date. While there have been 12 new franchisee signings this year to date, only two of the signings were pre-

    Before joining Concrete Craft, Craig Bagby spent over two decades in the medical device and sales industry. “I started as a sales representative for Life Watch in Chicago and eventually became Vice President of Sales for North America,” he said. “I learned a lot in that job, it was really a crash course in the business world. Although I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, I was never in a place in my life where I could
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