How Concrete Craft Transforms Spaces Inside and Out
  • How Concrete Craft Transforms Spaces Inside and Out with Hand Crafted Materials

    How Concrete Craft Transforms Spaces Inside and Out with Hand-Crafted Materials and Lasting Pride

    Concrete Craft, originally dubbed All American Decorative Concrete, was founded in 2006 by two innovative entrepreneurs, John Kostro and Dan Lightner, who set out to create the first national decorative concrete franchise that made customer service and fair pricing top priorities. The brand, known as Concrete Craft since 2015, specializes in stamped concrete, stained concrete and decorative concrete overlays for both residential and commercial properties. 

    In 2014, All American Decorative Concrete (and its five existing franchise locations) was acquired by Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) and became the brand we know today. For more than 25 years, Home Franchise Concepts brands have been helping people realize the dream of owning a low-cost, home-based franchise in the home services industry. HFC includes a franchisee network of over 1,400 owners operating across more than 10,000 cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

    HFC’s acquisition of All American Decorative Concrete was a significant move for both companies: Concrete Craft is now the nation’s only decorative concrete franchise specializing in one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor surfaces for homes and businesses. Concrete Craft offers a blend of leading brands, proprietary product blends and expert design consultation. 

    Being supported and backed by HFC has been extremely advantageous for Concrete Craft. Now, the brand’s franchisees are able to benefit from HFC’s 25 years of experience in a wide array of resources, including tried-and-true processes and techniques, superior training programs, best-in-practice national and local marketing strategies, operational support and more. In 2019, HFC was acquired by JM Family Enterprises, Inc.—but that didn’t halt the brand’s growth one bit. The move made Concrete Craft the only decorative concrete franchise concept that is backed by a large international company. 

    Being able to draw upon HFC and JM Family’s expertise is just one of the reasons why Concrete Craft is positioned as a dominant player within the industry. Additionally, Concrete Craft is able to stand out from the competition thanks to its wide array of services and offerings, which include: stamped concrete, resurfaced concrete, stained concrete, commercial flooring and concrete restoration. 

    “With Concrete Craft, your options to customize with color, design, and finishes are virtually limitless,” said Meribeth Gunn, Concrete Craft’s director of local area marketing and franchise development marketing. “We offer custom resurfaced overlays, including stamping and staining, at a much lower cost of other materials. And because most products are an overlay over existing concrete, jobs go quicker, with a lot less mess and upheaval.”

    Concrete Craft’s position as a dominant player in the industry is reinforced by its commitment to providing quality products and services at an affordable price. The brand offers free on-site consultations and estimates; knowledgeable design consultants; high-quality, durable products; and professional and punctual installation.

    “As our name implies, concrete floor designs aren’t just a job to us—they’re a calling,” said Lena Singleton, Concrete Craft’s senior digital marketing manager. “We consider ourselves craftspeople who take pride in bringing artistry to one of the most durable, affordable and beautiful materials on earth. We use our proprietary resurfacing process over existing concrete to complete both residential and commercial projects and stand behind our work.”

    It’s not hard to see why Concrete Craft is the top choice in the industry for consumers. From its beginnings as All American Decorative Concrete to its current position within Home Franchise Concepts’ umbrella, Concrete Craft is the go-to company for stamped, stained and decorative concrete overlays for both residential and commercial properties. The brand’s key differentiators allow it to stay true to its roots by providing beautiful, hand-crafted designs with lasting pride. 

    “When you’re ready to transform your space, choose the people with experience as solid as the materials we use: choose Concrete Craft,” Gunn said. 

    Learn more about the Concrete Craft opportunity or any of the Home Franchise Concepts family of brands by calling 1-800-420-5374 to speak with one of our franchise licensing advisors.

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