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  • Will I have to do dirty work, such as pouring concrete?

    Not necessarily. Some of our Franchise Owners are managers, and not necessarily hands-on operators. In the beginning, you’ll want to learn the basics for managerial purposes, then your installers and team can handle the majority of the “dirty work”. Your job will be to generate new business, market your business, and manage all projects.

  • Do I need to have a construction or concrete background to own a Concrete Craft franchise?

    Not at all. In fact, most of our Franchise Owners are not! Some locales may require a license in order to perform concrete work. Among our current Franchise Owners are a retired commercial pilot, a human resources director, a purchasing agent, and an auto industry executive. None of them had any prior concrete franchise or concrete experience.

  • Do I need to be an artist?

    No. You and your installer will learn how to create works of art in training class and in your field instruction. Our proprietary techniques can be learned by anyone—even those with no artistic background.

  • Why not just enter the decorative concrete franchise industry as an independent contractor?

    Because then you would miss out on the advantages of joining a franchise like Concrete Craft. As a Franchise Owner, you don’t have to work at creating a brand—we’ve done it for you. You don’t have to develop your own marketing materials, choose which media to run it in—that’s what we’re here for. And you don’t have to go it alone because you have the support from our Corporate Team and your fellow Franchise Owners to rely on whenever you need it. In addition to our comprehensive initial training, you’ll have access to endless support, quality products, mixes, and techniques, a proven marketing program, and our custom CRM software program. Working with us, you will have all the tools and training necessary to learn exactly how to start and run your business.

  • What is the initial investment?

    If you are interested in buying a franchise, your franchise fee is $69,950 and you’ll need approximately $80,190 in equipment and basic inventory.

  • Does my Concrete Craft franchise come with training?

    Yes—the best in the business. You will learn how to run the business and your team will learn how to perform the work. Your training consists of two weeks of extensive training -- 1 week of classroom training where you’ll study industry basics, including product knowledge and sales, to comprehensive local area marketing programs. From there, you’ll travel to our Training & Experience Center centrally located in Dallas, Texas, where you and your installer will attend one week of hands-on training. Both formalized instruction and hands-on application will be covered. We’re masters of our trade and will ensure you and your team grow to that level as well.

  • How are Concrete Craft franchise territories defined?

    Each concrete franchise encompasses approximately 100,000 single-family households as defined by zip code. There is only one franchise per territory.

  • What is the Concrete Craft franchise competitive advantage?

    As a Concrete Craft Franchise Owner you benefit from our years of experience, quality products and proprietary techniques, proven marketing program, best-in-class training and support, and customized management software. When researching affordable franchise opportunities, you’ll learn that joining the only decorative concrete franchise in the world is a tremendous advantage.

  • How much money can I make?

    Our Franchise Disclosure Document discloses some financial figures based on the sales and margins of existing Franchise Owners. Please contact a Concrete Craft Sales Advisor today!

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